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This past weekend the “She’s Next” concert brought about a sense of “girl power” at Sigma Sound Studios, 5 of the ‘dopest’ female artist in the city joined together to show case their talents in front of their peers and more importantly they were able to show case their talents in front of  record executives. “GoGo Morrow” head lined the event, but of course she wasn’t the only rising star in the building.Taneka Samone opened up the show ‘reppin’ for Brooklyn, her native borough of New York. Taneka came on the stage ” oozing swag,” at first look Taneka could be mistaken for a rapper. She had a boyish swag with beautifully placed feminine vocals. The Brooklyn singer began the show on a high not with her own rendition of Cee lo green’s ” Crazy,” Samone described this song as her ‘life story.’

According to Atlantic Record Rep. Kevin Holiday, Tameka Samone was one of his favorite acts of the night! Here is what Kevin had to say about the night as a whole ” It’s good to know there is still raw talent out there waiting to be discovered, and this showcase remimded me quality still exists”

In this edition of “Digital Diva” exclusives watch as Taneka Samone shows us why “She’s Next”

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