A Million Ways to Make A Million Dollars with Entrepreneur Greg Parker aka ‘Big Business’

Greg Parker

Source: Sarah / Radio One

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Every Wednesday at 8am, entrepreneur Greg Parker comes by to tell us A Million Ways to Make a Million Dollars

There are rules to making money. You want to make sure you have the proper permits in anything you want to do in any city you work in so you don’t have to worry about being shut down. You have to understand that when you make money so does Uncle Sam; everybody has to make money.

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Example of one hustle:

You can buy skids of water for $3 a case. There are 24 waters in a case. You sell them for $1. You make $21 a case. When you see people selling water in the street, buy some water. Even if you’re not thirsty at that moment. You can by the skids of water in Home Depot, online; just something that simple.

Another hustle

You can do a car wash. This Summer we’re having one for the 16 and over kids. I’ll buy all the stuff for the kids and let the kids make the money. You must have a tech at anything you are doing and then you have laborers and helpers. You have a couple techs there with the teens that really know how to detail cars and they will teach the kids. If you have 10 kids washing cars at a car wash and then all of those kids learn how to wash and detail; next Summer we have 10 car washes

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