Vivica A. Fox on Jussie Smollett and the Role She Would Never Play

Vivica A. Fox

Source: Sarah / Radio One

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Vivica A. Fox has a unique connection to Philly. She comes to Philly at least once a year for a photo shoot that she does to promote her wig line. She is now in her 10th year! She said the wig line has helped her to feel more secure financially so she doesn’t have to “jump through hoops” for that next check. She makes sure her wigs are light weight for women going through chemo. Her key hair stylist is Kia McKenzie who is from Philly!

On Jussie Smollett 

It is unfortunate that this incident had to happen this season when he did so well on the show. His acting and his performing was just amazing. The main thing I think all of us wanted was the truth more than anything else and that’s still a little cloudy. But he’s still family and we’re still always gonna love him. You know, family go through things.

On whether she will return for season 6 of Empire

I haven’t been confirmed but pretty much I think they are going to find out what happened with me and my son who we found out was beating me up cuz he had some mental issues. That’s what you love about Empire. Empire tackles things that other shows stray away from. Mental illness, they had the first open gay marriage on the show, drugs; that’s what makes Empire so amazing.

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On turning down the role of Two Can Play That Game Three times

Yes, the script was awful

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One role she will never play

I don’t do jobs I don’t like to do. You ain’t goin never see me play a slave; ain’t goin happen. I can’t do it; just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s made me be a lot more selective and not be afraid to say ‘no’ if it’s something I just don’t agree with or don’t care for.

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