Dr. Ian Smith Is Back With A New Book ‘Clean & Lean’

Dr. Ian Smith

Source: Sarah / Radio One

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Dr. Ian Smith aka The Tupac of books as Quincy affectionately calls him, is back with a new book, Clean & Lean: 30 days, 30 Foods, a New You! The book uses clean eating and intermittent fasting to hep you achieve your optimal body goals.

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Right now the Keto Diet is the popular diet and we asked him what he thinks of that diet

Keto unfortunately has become a trend. I say unfortunately, because keto is altering your body’s natural chemistry. So you put your body in a state of ketosis which means your body is now breaking down fat. So that’s why you can’t have sugar, you can’t have carbs on keto because you want your body to use fats. Fat is an energy source IF your body doesn’t have sugar available. Here’s the problem with keto, you will lose weight in the short term but you can not continue to eat keto for the rest of your life. The diet itself is not sustainable. All those fats are not good for your arteries, your blood vessels. The protein is not great for your kidneys. There are a lot of negative nutritional reasons why you don’t do keto.

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