O’Shea Jackson, Jr Talks Celebrity Crush, His Father Ice Cube & John Singleton

O'Shea Jackson, Jr

Source: Sarah / Radio One

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O’Shea Jackson, Jr stopped by to talk about the latest movie he is in, Long Shot. The movie stars Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan. He is playing the rich billionaire friend to Seth. K. Foxx asked O’Shea who was his “long shot” –celebrity crush and he said Tyra Banks.

She was my first wife as a kid. I told my mom ‘that’s her right there.’ And ya know, it just didn’t work out that way. Back when Straight Outta Compton happened I did send out a tweet and she did reply back but it wasn’t the way I thought she should. Somebody asked me if I still loved Tyra Banks and I said I never stopped loving Tyra Banks. She said ‘I loved you in your movie’ and I said ‘that’s not what I was talking about’

He talked about John Singleton being instrumental in his life and in his family’s life. John wrote his letter of recommendation for him to get into USC. You also recall that Ice Cube starred in Boyz N the Hood.

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Growing up he was allowed to listen to his dad’s music and his favorite album from him was Death Certificate. Quincy was shocked because of the lyrical content and O’Shea said, curse words are just adjectives.

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