Justice Singleton & O’Shea Jackson, Jr On John Singleton

Justice Singleton

Source: Sarah / Radio One

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Back in August, we interviewed John Singleton’s daughter, Justice. She was in town for the Black Star Film Festival. We asked her if her father checked out her movies and critiqued her:

He checks out my movies. We’re both artists so if he is writing something, I read it. If I’m writing something I’ll put it in his face and he’ll read it. So we’re always exchanging some type of flow with each other. I think it’s also a bit competitive too because we’re both competitors. 

You can watch the clip from the interview above

Justice wrote a tribute post to her father below

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I think nothing just pure love when I think about my daddy. He told he spit me out of his own mouth I believed him. He asked who do I look like and I’d say Beyoncé but I knew I looked like him. I knew he had imperfections but he was the man I desired to have faith in forever. I have his chin his eyes his skin his heart sometimes his mind. He told was gonna I.be alright and I believe him. Even though I felt otherwise. He told me to listen and not always talk, but I always talked anyway. I learned to listen through him.. This man is my hero and I never told him my everything. I couldn’t write without telling him the stories I was writing or wrote. We are made fun of each other, we comforted each other, we sloppy kissed, we choked each, i was his Bart Simpson. I called Him Homer and when we tickled each other I knew his body was mine. I know I am one of our 7 but I still feel like 1. One woman who doesn’t have her best friend, her half, her Film buddy, her dreamer, sailor, and overall life companion.. I know he had a lot of love and art to give many people and world, but I just want everyone to know that I’ll be I want provide what he can no longer. I am his vessel and he is my captain. I’ll share as much of his hopes and dreams. I’ll treat those the way he did, with fist bumps and laughter. I sincerely wish he had more time but what he did here— is everlasting and within me. I’ll always be Justice, his little face.

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We interviewed O’Shea Jackson, Jr, Ice Cube’s son last Friday. He was in town to promote the movie that he’s in, Long Shot, starring Cherlize Theron and Seth Rogan. As you may recall, his father was in Boyz N The Hood. We asked O’Shea if his father had been to the hospital to see John. Again, this was before John passed away

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