Morris Chestnut On The Eagles, Being Mary Jane and John Singleton

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Morris Chestnut called in to promote the finale of Being Mary Jane. It aired Tuesday night. Pretty sure you can find it re-airing on BET. Fun fact about him:- he is a HUGE Eagles fan. As in, comes to Philly for games. Q asked him if he heard the remarks that Donovan McNabb made about Carson Wentz

I don’t know Donovan, just from watching from afar and hearing things and talking to a lot of players, I don’t believe that he likes to not be the person who is the center of attention. I think that Carson coming in and breaking records,  I don’t think that Donovan was happy about that. I think he wanted to be the best quarterback in Philly.

On John Singleton

I am going to go see John tomorrow (Tuesday that just passed) and I’ve gotten some updates and I am sure the family is going to release some information but I am going to try and get to him tomorrow

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