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In the first ever Cross Battles competition on The Voice, Matthew Johnson represented Team Kelly Clarkson and took to the stage delivering a powerful and soul-stirring rendition of the Smokey Robinson-penned tune “Who’s Lovin’ You”, made most famous by Michael Jackson’s recording. As he flawlessly delivered each syllable and note during his performance, Matthew drenched every ear and soul with a rich and incomparable musical experience. Donned in classy black and blue attire and offering his trademark bright smile and charismatic spirit, Matthew’s commanding vocal delivery caused an authentic and powerful move that was heard and deeply felt – bringing everyone to their feet. No gimmicks, no forced charm, no flashy clothes, no pitchy wavering stunts to be deciphered – just pure talent.

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After Matthew’s delivery, a much needed commercial break was inserted and we truly believe it was in order to give the audience, coaches and staff time to chat about and also regain composure from such an all-consuming performance. After the break, The Voice continued on to Matthew’s Cross Battle opponent, Dominec, from Adam Levine’s team. At the conclusion of the show, America began to cast votes using The Voice app and via the NBC website.

All contestants regrouped the following night for an hour show to hear the results of how America voted and their fate of advancing. Matthew Johnson and Dominic joined Carson Daley on stage for several intense moments as Carson held the winner’s name in his hand and declared that America saved Matthew Johnson of Team Kelly. In a dramatic moment of celebration, the crowd yelled with applause and Kelly rushed the stage to embrace Matthew. While camera’s panned Team Kelly sitting on the sidelines, the celebration was absolutely wild and genuine filled with hugs and embraces as Matthew returned to be with his team members. As we stated with his Blind Audition, our eyes are fixed on this gift and we look forward to amazing things for and from Matthew Johnson.

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