Will Smith is facing all of his fears on his Bucket list Show on Youtube. He’s jumped out of a helicopter into the Grand Canyon, he swam with the sharks, and now he’s tackling stand-up comedy! He even sat down with legendary comedian Dave Chapelle for some advice:

This what happened according to Rolling Stone:

Oh, OK, this is gonna be fun,” Chappelle says, before imparting a three-part checklist of advice.

“The first thing I’ll tell you is confidence is key,” Chappelle says. “The reason you should be confident is primarily because you’re Will Smith … I’ve been watching you for years; you’re actually a funny dude. I’ve spoken to you before, you’re a great conversationalist.”

“What else do you really need?” Chappelle adds. “All you need to do is pick the right shit to talk about. So then Number Two, pick the right shit to talk about.”

The third checklist item Chappelle says came from an unnamed comedian, whom he describes as not very good. However, Chappelle explains that it was the best advice he’s received. “He said, ‘You are one of those comedians who think you have to be funny all the time. You don’t. But, you have to be interesting all the time.’”


Watch Will take a shot at stand up comedy:

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