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On Monday January 14, 2013 at approx. 8pm there was an Amber alert issued for 5 year old Nailla Robinson who was abducted from her West Philadelphia elementary school shortly after her mother dropped her off for school. Nailla was taken from the school by an unidentified women fully dressed in Muslim garb with only her eyes showing. The school did not realize the young girl was missing or something was wrong until the Childs day care came to pick her up from school at 3pm.

Once the Amber Alert was issued and the details of this abduction was shared with the public and social network sites such as instagram, facebook, and twitter was flooded with pictures and a description of young Nailla urging fellow followers and friends to help find the young 5 year old child. Philadelphia, a city once known to have the rudest twitter followers pulled together for a common cause other than the weekly watch & tweet party for Love & Hip Hop and sent a powerful message that we wanted Nailla back safe and sound with her family ASAP! With so much posting and retweeting going on our message crossed state lines and picked up some star power along the way from local product Meek Mill offering to up the reward to $20,000 to actress Taraji P. Henson sending her prayers for the family and child.


As of 4:30am January 15th Nailla Robinson was found in the Upper Darby section of the city alone on a park bench in just a T-shirt.  The investigation is still pending on who and why anyone targeted Nailla but she is back with her family.  Nailla was abducted and found within 24hrs and it was the fast reaction of the media getting the information out to the public and our new generation of social networkers spreading the word and making so much of an impact online that any citizen walking the streets of Philadelphia or our surrounding cities would’ve recognized this young girl immediately. This is a win we can truly be proud of and I urge all of my fellow instagrammers, facebookers, and tweeters to pat yourself on the back and keep your fingers ready to catch the person or people involved with this crime once we get the word.

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words by: Tyree Gallimore


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