Cheerful African American parents and their small children at home.

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10 Changes You’ll Want to Make to Your Routine Looking to mix up your daily routine? Try these 10 little changes for a happier you!

Try meal prepping on Sundays for meals through Thursday. Pair that with the app Zero to help track intermittent fasting, and, find a physical activity you actually enjoy!

Start your day 30 minutes earlier. No more crazy commutes for you! Write down things that take less than five minutes to do and get them done. Crossing things off a list is oddly satisfying. Track your time spent on social media by setting time limits within the apps or by using a third-party one.


Exchange the time you would’ve spent scrolling by strolling 10,000 steps a day! More movement may make you thirsty so increase your daily water intake for healthier looking skin. If budgeting is hard and apps are too complicated, do it the old-fashioned way. Put cash into labeled envelopes so you know where the money is going. Finally, take some you time.

Say no more often and just kick back and relax. What changes will you implement into your routine?



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