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Nicki Minaj is known for having various styles when it comes to her clothes and hair/wigs. But it looks like she is on the market for a new hair stylist! Last night the man behind her hair and wigs, Terrence Davidson for the past 3 years released the following statement about his departure from Nicki…

“I would like to inform the media and supporters that I’ve decided to step away as hair stylist and wig creator for Nicki Minaj. It has been an amazing experience offering me a chance to express my creativity and exhibit my love for the art form of wig design. I have decided to part ways from Nicki Minaj because I would like to explore other opportunities within my own brand and re-energize my creativity through work in fashion editorial, beauty consultations, media personality, ‘how-to’ lectures and hair show development. I am very proud of the body of work built with Nicki Minaj and I appreciate the support over the years from fans who’ve expressed love for my craft. Look forward to seeing me larger than life in 2013”

Hhmmm… what will Nicki do now?!