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You’re not going to believe this, but it’s true. A man got charged with misdemeanor theft for returning a lost cell phone.

While he was on his lunch break, Rick found a cracked iPhone that he thought didn’t work so he threw the phone in his car. He later went back to where he found the phone once he saw a message that the phone was lost, and the person was looking for the phone.

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A couple days later, he got a letter to appear in court. According to police instead of taking the phone from where he found it, Rick should’ve taken the phone to a business. Rick says he if he finds another phone laying around he’ll be sure to take it to a business.

Do you think that Rick should’ve been charged with a crime? Did you know that taking a lost item into possession could get you in trouble with the law? Have you ever found a phone and waited for a message to find out who owned it?

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