Marsha Ambrosius Talks About Her New Album, Being A Mom, A Wife & Meeting Her Husband

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Source: Gary Gershoff / Getty

Marsha Ambrosius stopped by the Quincy Harris Morning Show to promote her new album, NYLA. Her album is named after her daughter. She talked about finding love with her now husband.

The album plays like a movie the intro is myself calling my bestie and telling her that yo, he’s fine, like fine-fine like Ralph Angel Queen Sugar fine. 

She goes on to say how they “connected”

I only knew him for a week, I gave up the draws in 7 days. We were in Norfolk, VA. We did a 4-hour walk thru the City after a show and spoke about everything. Love, life, God, dreams, aspirations and connected in a way that I hadn’t with anybody. We kissed good night and I knew off of that kissed that would be the last person I would ever kiss.

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