Listen: D.L. Hughley Gives His Opinion On The Bill Cosby Conviction

DL Hughley

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Yesterday on the D.L. Hughley show, DL decided to make Bill Cosby’s trail decision the focal point of today’s “GED Section” segment. He makes the argument that three women have come forward and accused Brett Kavanaugh of the same things America is convicting Bill Cosby of, but because Kavanaugh is a nominee for supreme court, he is somehow exempt from the same judgement and prosecution as Cosby.

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He then goes on to speak about Kavanaugh making an appearance on FOX news, comparing it to “a sports team only playing home games”. Fox, who have been maliciously accused producing “fake news” according to Donald Trump, was the only news outlet who had the opportunity to interview Kavanaugh amidst his sexual assault allegations. DL goes on to explain that republicans only go to FOX to answer their questions hence they are the only people that care about what republicans have to say. “When you only talk to people, who want to hear what you have to say, you are a coward”

Lister hear to the full excerpt from DL Hughley’s “GED Section” segment. 

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