Global Citizens Festival is back and the line up is CRAZY!

The festival is set in NYC at the infamous Central Park, on September 29th!

Now here are the headliners:

1. Janet Jackson

2. Cardi B

3. Janelle Monae

4. The Weeknd

5. John Legend

Whoa! And those are just some of the names we know about, more performers are set to be announced as the date approaches!

And even better! The event is free! The founders of the festival ask that people pay them back by taking action on the things that important!

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Hollywood Reporter has found the list of actions the festival asks people to take this year!

“Making a phone call directly to Pennsylvania’s governor to become the third state in the U.S. to end child marriage, calling on the prime minister of the Netherlands to step up their education funding and urge congress to invest another additional $40 million into global education, water and sanitation and hygiene.”

That sounds fair to us! You got it Global Music Festival! See you on the 29th!


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