Jill Scott’s soon to be ex-husband, Michael Dobson, reportedly submitted courted docs claim Jill was refusing to give him back a handful of his belongings including a Prince ‘Purple Rain’ album, a shoe horn, and 5 hotel bathrobes. According to TMZ, however, Jill Scott says she tried to return Dobson’s belongings but was unable to get in contact with him so she sent all of his things to a storage unit in Atlanta—she also sent him the key. Dobson has not picked up the items nor paid for the storage unit. Jill wants Dobson’s court docs thrown out and she wants him to pay the fees.

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The one thing she isn’t giving back, though, are those 5 hotel bathrobes. Jill says, Michael STOLE them and she ended up having too foot the bill. So, it looks like the ‘Purple Rain’ album is all his but those bathrobes are staying with Ms. Scott.

source – tmz

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