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The Philadelphia Eagles soared down to Tampa, Florida and beat the Tampa Bay Bucs 23-21 on a last play of the game throw from Nick Foles to Jeremy Maclin, as time expired. Immediately, that winning feeling that abandoned Philadelphia seventy days ago was back. Even Wycleff could only predict being gone till November, but December, that was a bit much for all of us to endure.

With the dramatic last play of the game, comeback win over the Bucs, Philadelphia is once again in a peculiar situation. What dramatic moves will shape our offseason, specifically at the Quarterback position.

Three years ago the Eagles decided to move on from Donovan McNabb and hand the team over to backup Kevin Kolb. There is no need to reiterate how atrocious that move was but there was something that I believe Eagles ownership missed learning throughout that entire ordeal. You can’t take shortcuts to success.

When a team changes quarterbacks it initiates a rebuilding process. There are exceptions to the rule, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady come to mind, but most often there is a period of losing and a change in personnel to create the best chemistry for the new quarterback. When the Eagles gave the reigns to Kolb, followed by his concision and performance by Mike Vick, the Eagles never had the opportunity to truly move on from Donovan McNabb and establish a new identity.

If Nick Foles is given the reigns to the Eagles offense this will give the Eagles an opportunity to correct their previous mistakes when going down this path. The first time we switched quarterbacks and not coaching, this time around an entire purge will be required.

What do you think the most significant offseason move will be?

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