Philly’s Own Richard Jenkins Goes From Homeless To Harvard

Richard Jenkins

Source: Sarah / Radio One

Richard Jenkins is an 18 year old from Philly. At a young age he moved around from state to state and was even homeless. It was in the 6th grade he understood that his academics were going to be the thing to lead him to success and it was at that point he got focused.

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Quincy asked him where were you when you found out you got into Harvard?

I was in Paris [France] on a school trip. The decisions for Ivy League schools came out on the same day at the same time, 7pm EST. In Paris, that meant 1 am. I had applied to Harvard, Yale and Penn. I checked Penn, I got “wait listed.” I checked Yale and I got denied. At that point, I’m just hurt. I refresh my phone and I see “new message.” I click the message and I toss my phone across the room because I saw the word “Welcome.”

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