Mariah is the diva of all divas and the shadiest of the shadiest. Carey recently sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and discussed her experience as a judge on the talent series, American Idol. Remember? Carey judged alongside Nicki Minaj (which got a little complicated from time to time). Mariah claims she didn’t have the best time as a judge on the show and used one of her favorite words to describe the experience: bleak.

Kimmel also asked Mariah if she discouraged Lionel Richie from taking on the job. “If I didn’t, I should have,” Mariah said.

Watch the clip below:


In other American Idol news, the auditions are kicking off. You have to be at least 15 to try your luck! Check the tour stops below:

Orlando, FL – August 25

San Diego, CA – August 25

Chattanooga, TN – August 28

Scottsdale, AZ – August 28

Charlotte, NC – August 31

Albuquerque, NM – August 31

Seattle, WA – August 31

Boise, ID – September 2

Richmond, VA – September 3

Plano, TX – September 3

Houston, TX – September 4

Austin, TX – September 6

Philadelphia, PA – September 6

Oklahoma City, OK – September 6

Buffalo, NY – September 9

Kansas City, MO – September 9

Shreveport, LA – September 9

Columbus, OH – September 12

Little Rock, AR – September 12

Charleston, WV – September 15

source – abc, youtube

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