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tyga-embarrassing-game-show-footageYoung Money soldier Tyga wasn’t always rolling with one of the hottest crews in hip-hop. Before Young Money, Tyga was a small-time rapper from California who embarrassed himself on an MTV hip-hop themed game show called “Bustas.”

“Bustas” is a show that was set to run on MTV back in 2008. However, it never saw the light of day until now. The premise of the show was to see which amateur rapper could personify the worst hip-hop stereotypes known to man. Tyga and his opponents played games like Guess The Rapper By His Grill and Is This Rolex Real.

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As if playing those games weren’t bad enough, in Tyga’s introduction video package, he tells the world he’s from the Valley, he grew up in a well-to-do enviroment, and that his mother drove a Range Rover.  That’s a far cry from the city of Compton he now claims. the final nail in the coffin comes when Tyga is challenged to freestyle incorporating words pre-selected. He does well until the word ‘amoeba.’ We don’t want to ruin it for you, so that’s all we’ll say.

Peep Tyga’s shelved television appearance and thank your lucky stars this never got picked up.



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