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There is no way we can excuse 3-8. The Philadelphia Eagles are going down in similar fashion as the once thought unsinkable Titanic. Under Head Coach Andy Reid the Eagles have never reached the final destination of a NFL Championship. The sad part of it is, as a fan base, we have seen everything that can go wrong, go wrong.

Who would have thought this team, as talented as it is, would start off with a 3-1 record and then reel off 8 straight losses. It’s just not rational. With every week that passes by its becoming more evident that Andy has come to the end of his tenure as the Eagles Head Coach, and I know I may upset a lot of people by saying this but I think that’s the wrong decision. Let me explain. There is nothing that supports the logic that Andy will win a Super Bowl if given another year. But the alternative is just as bad. I’m a big fan of Jon Gruden but when you think of him in Tampa you think of that Tampa 2 defense and have to understand that defense was run by Monty Kiffin. Kiffin has been out of the NFL for a few years now and coaches with his son at USC.

In my opinion the next coach of the Philadelphia Eagles is not going to be out there this offseason. Not even Chip Kelly from Oregon, that guy would drive fans crazy here. Chip Kelly doesn’t believe in punting. That logic may work in a weak PAC 10 but will not translate to the pro game with impact players at every position. So the best option is to keep Andy for one more year, understand that our team has lost every starting offensive lineman this season as well as our starting quarterback and running back for multiple games.

Do you honestly think another coach would have a better record with all the adversity this team has gone thru this year?

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