Things are getting serious in the world of music streaming.

Yesterday, the world found out about Spotify’s decision to remove R.Kelly’s music from their curated playlists in lieu of recent allegations the singer is orchestrating sex cult. This action falls in line with Spotify’s new “Hate Content & Hateful Conduct”.

This did not sit well with Kelly’s team, who according to TMZ, believes Spotify is “picking sides in a fame seeking dispute”. Kelly’s team pointed out that the singer hasn’t been charged for any crime and that there is an array of artists Spotify continues to promote who are actually convicted felons.

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R.Kelly isn’t the only artist the streaming service has removed from their rotation. Rapper, XXXTentacion also got the boot. A rep from his camp wasn’t going to let it go down so easy. Check her letter to the NY Times below:

Though R.Kelly is under a lot of scrutiny and speculation, right now, are we siding with Spotify on this one? Should artists who are in legal hot water not receive promo?

Has streaming become about more than just the music? #FoxxFleet, talk to me!

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