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katt-williams-faizon-love-beefThe battle of the “Friday” characters is heating up. A few days after actor Faizon Love told TMZ cameras Katt Williams pulled a gun on him outside of the Supper Club in Los Angeles, Katt Williams responded by calling Love a snitch.

In case you’re unaware, Katt Williams was recently arrested outside of the Supper Club after club patrons identified him as the man brandishing a gun in the establishment. he was later released from police custody without being charged with any crime. A day after that, Faizon Love, who is famous for playing Big Worm in the first “Friday” installment, told a TMZ camera crew that Williams, made famous by his role as Money Mike in “Friday After Next,” pulled a gun on him outside of the club when he asked Williams about an alleged $50,000 that was owed to him.

The $50,000 in question comes from a joint comedy tour Faizon Love and Katt Williams went on. Love left the tour early because Williams’ behavior became increasingly erratic behavior which was agitated by Williams’ drug use. Faizon Love says Katt Williams continued to use his name and likeness for the comedy tour after he left and therefore owes him money.

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Katt  Williams didn’t know Faizon Love had spoken to anyone about the incident and went off once TMZ indicated Love had given them an interview. Katt Williams said, “You telling me Faizon the actor said on TMZ That I have did what? You saying he’s a snitch? You saying he’s a bold face rat? You say that he went and told you street business..?”

Williams went on to make fun of Faizon’s size and insinuate he doesn’t write his own jokes. Love hasn’t responded to the recent development in the ongoing saga of battling “Friday” stars, but we know something is coming because all of this is over $50,000. And we know you remember what Big Worm told Smokey in “Friday.” When you play with his money, you are playing with his emotions and he doesn’t like it when you play with either one.



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