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So, as we know, Chad likes to pick his women up on twitter. The other night, while flirting with a new woman, an Evelyn Lozada fan jumped in the convo questioning why the woman was flirting with a “married man.” Welp, after that, things got ugly.

It all started when a fan saw this tweet:

Then Evelyn responded with this tweet:

Then the “other woman” had this to say:


Here’s here full tweet:

“@EvelynLozada please pull up the heart monitor app on your iPhone & take a deeeep breath before you collapse a lung, grandma. You don’t know anything about me or anything about what you think you’re watching. It’s healthy to see you’re spending your “new” time, “new” energy, “new” growth & “new” outlook on Twitter all day, though. You’re quite the muse. I literally don’t have time for your character defects & your energy doesn’t exist in my world. Best of luck to you, I mean that. #allthewaybye”

And to top it off, Chad’s MOMMA jumped in the convo and said this:


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