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Hosts, Senator Vincent Hughes and Tiffanie Stanard kicked off Philly Speaks discussing the Celebration of Jazz Appreciation month during April. We interviewed Harry Hayman, Hospitality Management Specialist for the Byrum Group. Six days a week their restaurant, South Jazz Parlor appreciates and highlights Jazz but added a special event for April.

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Philly Speaks 4/22

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Join South Jazz Parlor this Saturday, April 28th from 12-5pm (FREE ADMISSION) for a day of great music and food.

After the break we changed the conversation and received White House updates from U.S. Senator Bob Casey, he discussed the State Budget, the latest with the President and what’s happening down the road.

We closed out the show interviewing Rev. Jesse Jackson as we discussed the Philadelphia Starbucks incident when two young black men were handcuffed and arrested at a Starbucks, setting off a national uproar after the incident was captured on video. A worker complained the men were trespassing, but they maintained they were doing what thousands of people do in the popular coffee shops across the country – waiting to meet a friend.

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By: Tiffanie Stanard (Host/Producer) @Philly_Speaks

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