Mathew Knowles Explains Why Beyonce Lost Album Of The Year Grammy To Adele

Mathew Knowles

Source: Justin / Radio One

Mathew Knowles was on the Quincy Harris Morning Show to promote his new book “Racism From The Eyes Of A Child” You can purchase the book here. The conversation moved on to Beyonce when Mathew mentioned that she had never lost any competition she entered. Quincy asked him how did he feel as a father, when she lost Album of the Year Grammy to Adele. (CONTINUE BELOW)

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I felt angry, I felt disappointed and quite frankly, a lot of that had to do with Columbia Records. Adele and Beyonce are on the same record label. I still have my record label so I know exactly how this works. I’ve been on the Grammy committees for years. Columbia had to make a decision who they were going to support because you never want to split your vote. Then neither one would have won…….as a record label I want to have all my people who are eligible to vote to vote for one person, it’s like the President [of the United States]. They didn’t want to split the vote so I hold Columbia responsible and I hold Beyonce’s team responsible. Her team did not understand the political process in winning Grammy’s


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