Comedian Ali Siddiq On Why He Hates The Movie Black Panther & How D.L. Hughley and Bill Bellamy Inspire Him



Comedian Ali Siddiq

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Comedian Ali Siddiq stopped by and talked about a variety of topics. He openly discussed his time in jail, his attempts to go back and perform for the inmates and being denied by the prison system. He talked about the movie Black Panther and how it is just the Lion King all over again. He talks about his love of black women and how the black woman has hurt him more than anyone else.

“The people who have done the worst things to me have been black females….when I talk to black men, they don’t live around white people, they don’t see white people. I ask this question all the time, how many African American males succeeded with their woman on the way up? OR did you get your woman once you already succeeded? Most men say they got their woman after they succeeded. When I ask men from other races and country, when did your wife come into play in your life, a large percentage answer they were with them as they worked their way up.”

He says that he is inspired by comedians D.L. Hughley and Bill Bellamy and discusses how both men have helped him and continue to help him. It is a very deep and informative interview so put your earbuds in and play the interview in the background while you work!

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Here is a snippet of Ali Siddiq from his Comedy Central  Special (NSFW)


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