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Players win games and coaches lose them. I have gotten into so many arguments with people that have no playing or coaching experience, but the fact of the matter is the statement is true.

“It’s not the coach out there playing,” please tell me something I don’t know already. I’m sure it’s also not a parent’s fault when their kid gets suspended after being told to fight anyone that messes with them in school. My point is, a coach is responsible for the success and failure of their players.

As great as Michael Jordan was, he was Ai until Phil Jackson molded him into greatness. And I meant the real Ai, Igudola. So it’s hard for me, even at 2-1, to accept the consistent bad decision making and turnovers from our Philadelphia Eagles offense. You can blame quarterback, Mike Vick, if you want but don’t forget that his coach is responsible for putting him in a position for success. That means when it’s first and goal from the 2 yard line you don’t call three consecutive pass plays, especially when the first two were horrible. We keep asking Vick not to try and be amazing on every play, but keep putting him in situations that require him to be.

As a general rule in football, I know the Eagles aren’t as bad as they looked against the Cardinals, but they also aren’t as good as their offensive and defensive numbers say. I’ll give Andy Reid another pass for the miserable performance that our beloved Eagles put in front of us yesterday. Maybe the players were smelling themselves after beating the Ravens. No matter what, it’s Coach Reid who has to step up and put an end to this undisciplined play. Remember in both of the Eagles wins, they still turned the ball over multiple times, which is a direct reflection on the coach.

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