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Source: Director X / Sony Pictures

1972’s Superfly was a huge movie back in the day and is making a comeback. The film followed a cocaine dealer trying to exit the illegal trade and walk a straight path, is iconic to film and Hip-Hop culture.

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It’s been confirmed that the classic “Superfly” is being remade directed by X. Jason Mitchell of “Straight Outta Compton” fame will play ‘Eddie’ and the lead role of ‘Superfly’ will be played by Trevor Jackson from the TV show “Grown-ish.”

“When I went back and watched the original, I was struck by how relevant the themes are,” said Director X. “The pursuit of the American Dream is eternal – everyone’s always on the hustle, because you’ve got to be… and Superfly is about pulling off the ultimate hustle to get out of the game. Our goal is to make it modern – to make a movie where the style, the art direction, the camera movements are all part of what makes the movie Superfly. With this film, my goal is to honor the lineage of an iconic title that the community has loved for decades.”

He continued, “I want to honor it in a way that shows a new generation how black culture continues to be a catalyst for new trends in every area, from fashion to music. I’m also excited to be working with Future, both on the music and as a producer of the film – the original soundtrack is legendary, and that’s an inspiration for the artists that Future is working with to bring a singular modern musical vision to the film.”

Said Shore: “My father was very proud to have made a movie that meant so much to so many over the years, and for me, it’s gratifying to be continuing that legacy with this film. Director X has an incredible vision to bring Superfly, and Superfly style, to a whole new generation.”

Future is curating the soundtrack for the film and talks on 21 Savage joining the film somehow is also in the works.

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