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Stop Apologizing!

Why dull your radiance, your magic?

We live in a world full of (imposed) limitations, false standards, low expectations, and heavy hearts. It’s time to break free.

In the U.S. alone, The Self-Help Industry represents more than $10 billion per year in revenue. Why? …Because we are all in search of the answers. We are in habitual search of our release from the mundane and the key(s) to our success. Truth is, there is no greater success than to be you. Truly, Fully, Completely, Masterfully, YOU!

You want to ‘help-yourself’? Well, let’s start here…

STOP APOLOGIZING. Let go of the expectations. You can’t please everybody. Being you may not always come with a round of applause, or a large cheering section. In fact, you may be the only member of your fan club for a while, especially when you find yourself breaking away from the norm. Don’t be discouraged. Be Unapologetic when in comes to the pursuit of being your best YOU.

Seek out purpose. Ever heard the term, “the ends justify the means”? Forget all the people that have exploited this express to do bad/immoral things. Let’s flip it: When you’re moving in purpose, you will move on purpose. Go for it! Don’t be afraid to ask for and pursue what you want.  But be sure to be honest with yourself throughout the journey. Seeking purpose could be as simple as asking yourself, “why do I want this?”, “why do I need to do this?”

Define Quality Time. Self-care is vital, however, far too often overlooked. The only person that is with you always, is YOU. Make sure to carve out some quality time with yourself. Maybe that means reading a good book, taking a long bath, or cliff-diving off the coast of Mexico. Stop being scared to be alone. It is in our alone time that we grow, develop, and can do some all-important internal work. Write out your goals, make a business plan, start checking off things on your to-do-list, or just take a quick break from it all. Make the time count!

Be patient with yourself. Even instant oatmeal takes time to prepare. And there’s a whole set of processes that take place before you even see a box or packet. Allow time to have its perfect work. Don’t overdo it.Use timelines and deadlines to your favor, not to your detriment. Much of the happenings of everyday life are outside of our control. Handle what you can, enjoy yourself along the way, root yourself in a place of gratitude, and toss the measuring stick you’ve been using to compare yourself to others. You’re getting there, it takes time.

The reward is greater than the cost. Let me be among the first to warn you, when you began to better yourself, not everyone will see it that way. So what! We are not created in the minds of people, only our reputations are. Only you get to define who you are. Don’t get stuck in the expectations of others, pointless obligations, or outdated timelines. In all you do, seek clarity. Being clear on where you’re headed, it’s the best way to make plans to get there. Greatness is going to cost you…  You may lose some a bit along the way… but who said being free was supposed to come free?

You are just where you are supposed to be. If you want more, it’s within your reach. Either way, always BE YOU – and remember, bettering yourself should never be something you have to apologize for.

Beloved, be you, unapologetically  … trust me, someday someone will thank you for it.

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(Original Post EDITED: 1.17.18)

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