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In the September 2012 issue of GQ Magazine, Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton shows off his second-year pro style and discusses his relationship with his father Cecil, a pastor and former football player.

“He was like my superhero,” Newton tells writer Brett Martin. “If something was broke, he could fix it…I knew that if I had my father with me, everything was going to be all right.”

In 2010, while  Newton was playing for Auburn college, his father was embroiled in accusations of “pay-for-play,” a scandal that cast doubt on the star athletes eligibility.  Auburn declared Cam ineligible for all of two days before reinstating him because Newton had no knowledge of any deals his father may have been involved in. In October 2011, the NCAA officially closed its year-long investigation into the recruitment of Cam Newton, unable to substantiate any  of the allegations of improper recruiting.

The Heisman Trophy winner says the whole experience brought the two men closer.

“When my father was going through all that stuff, I was like, ‘I’m here for you, bro.’ And it wasn’t ‘Pops’ anymore. It was ‘bro.’”

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