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The ever-candid and steadily rising Harlem hip-hop star Azealia Banks doesn’t give that a great a damn about impressing a segment of the rap community she refers to as “bird-brained men.”

Banks, who has been subjected to criticism you can dismiss as “sex + ism = stupid and unfair flack,” gave an interview to NME and explained why she opts to drool over Interpol’s Paul Banks instead of your favorite rapper.

Azealia said:

“I’m gonna do whatever the fuck I wanna do,” she said. “You rap game rap n***s, you stupid, like, closed-minded not-ready-to-progress-with-culture people can stay where you are, because I don’t do this for y’all. I don’t do this to impress you guys and I don’t do this for your approval; I do this because I like to do this. And I feel like that’s what the hip-hop world in the US is having a hard time understanding.”

She added: “That’s not all of the hip-hop world, that’s just the bird-brained men, you know. The women get it, the girls are rooting for me, you know? It’s the men. And I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m not worried about impressing them. As a woman they expect you to be drooling all over them, but I don’t give a fuck. I’m drooling over guys like Paul Banks from Interpol and stuff like that.”

Azealia Banks, ladies and gents.


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