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Words by @NickRichGFX

This morning I had a chance to listen to Trey Songz “Chapter V” album in advance from start to finish.  I must say I’m impressed.  I was expecting a CD full of sex, money, drinks, ya know, the Trey we’ve been accustomed to for the past few years but he always brings us back to the original Trey Songz.   Remember him? The braided, skinny guy that was full of that traditional love and had us all hooked on “Gotta Make It” and “I Gotta Go”?

Trey took us back to that original love with a few tracks on Chapter V with songs like “Fumble,” “Without A Woman,” “Simply Amazing,” and “Never Again.”  There’s also a bonus track “Almost Lose It”, which is pretty much his wedding day through his eyes, a different side of Trey we don’t see/hear too often.   The CD itself is a very well put together project.  Despite the criticism Trey receives from his shameless club songs, “2 Reasons” (B*tches and Drinks) was in the Top Ten of Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart along with the album’s first single “Heart Attack”, the song about a self-exploding relationship.   Not many artists can achieve the same level of success with such contrasting material.

Overall, I give the CD a 8 of out 10.  Hope you all enjoy it tomorrow!