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Room in loft, decked out for the holidays.

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It’s that time of year where we feel the need to spend so much money on gifts and gatherings. Holiday traditions are awesome but they don’t have to put you in debt. Here are a few ideas that can help you maintain your traditions and keep money in your pockets:

  1. Potluck Holiday Dinner– Why burn a hole in your pocket for your traditional holiday dinner, get the guests to help. Be honest, if your work schedule and your bank account isn’t set up for an extravagant made from scratch meal then ask each guest to bring a dish. You can make one main item and leave the rest to the guest.
  2. DIY/Creative gifts– Chances are you spend so much money on buying the perfect gift for your friends or loved ones. Why not make them something ? Create something just for them that’s inexpensive yet meaningful. Think of the things they love or need and create it for them.
  3. DIY/E-Holiday Cards– Do you still send holiday cards? I mean who doesn’t like to receive a piece of mail that isn’t asking for money right? If you would like to continue this thoughtful tradition but you don’t want to spend oogobbs of money or cards you can simply send a fancy e-card or make one from scratch. You can sign up for Canva  and search for “holiday cards.” This program is free and lets your design your own cards. You can email them or print them and mail them to your loved ones. Pretty cool, right?
  4. Homemade decorations Now, you remember back in the day when you were in 3rd or 4th grade how you made ornaments for the Christmas tree? What’s stopping you from doing that now? That’s a fun activity to do with your kids, or crafty friends, on a Saturday afternoon. Not only are you saving money, you are spending quality time with the one’s you love and your decorations will be unique.
  5. Act Like Your Broke (Even If You’re Not)- Okay, so maybe you have the money to buy the gifts everyone wants, purchase the baddest decorations and make all the food from scratch but you don’t have to. Why not take the frugal approach to the holidays this year and save that money for a new car, a new home, school tuition or your “just in case” fund.

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