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For kids the most important time of the year starts at Thanksgiving and runs through Christmas. In Philadelphia, the most important time of the year starts in late July and runs through Super Bowl Sunday in late February. Thats right, football season is back.

The Philadelphia Eagles started the 2012 preseason with a 24-23 win over the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers, Thursday night. Preseason wins don’t really mean a lot but the emotional roller coaster of a week that this has been for Andy Reid makes this victory a sincere gesture from his team to him.

Just as in life, a football game has its ups and downs. Early on in the game Philadelphia Eagles fans collectively held their breath as Quarterback Michael Vick ran off the field after slamming his left thumb into the back of an offensive lineman’s helmet while completing his throwing motion.

Without a proven back up quarterback on the roster many Eagles fans have wondered what would the team do if Vick gets hurt. Are the Eagles really that confident in Mike Kafka? We will find out in the next few days. I believe if the Eagles were even slightly worried over the scare of Vick being hurt, they will bring in or start talking to a legit back up.

Could that mean a return of #5?

I’m interested in knowing your thoughts.

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