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how much of the nets does jay-z own

It seems as though everyday Jay-Z is in the news for something new! Lately, he’s been getting into a little bit of everything from co-producing video games to “moving NBA teams to Brooklyn,” or so we thought! So how much of the Brooklyn Nets does Jay-z really own?

Sources report that Brooklyn Nets co-owner, Jay-Z, actually only owns 1% of the franchise which he purchased for approximately (only) 4.5 million dollars! If you listen to enough Roc Nation music, you may be lead to believe that Jay-Z has more ownership and even singe-handily moved the Nets to his hometown, Brooklyn!

However, the Nets actual owners, who are responsible for the move, appreciate Jay-Z for all the positive attention and financial support he brings to the franchise through his name and his brand. Jay-Z fans may not be Nets fans, but they will be wearing “Brooklyn Nets” hats and t-shirts, because they saw Hov wearing them recently!

In actuality, Sorry Kanye, Jay-Z doesn’t have nearly enough power to drop Kris Humphries from the team whether you like it not!

how much of the nets does jay-z own

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how much of the nets does jay-z own