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Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino just dropped this new video for “Firefly”, a single he performed on Late Night With David Letterman from his “CAMP” album that released November of 2011.   If you’re not familiar with CG it’s a different feel from the mainstream but its still good music (no pun intended).  Gambino isn’t actually in this video but there’s still a message.   A message that is thoroughly broken down by YouTube user phelps461 pretty well.

Phelps461 says

CG then brings the drugs he created in the beginning of the video (his music) to the boss (representing his critics) and the boss likes the drugs. However, he tells his guards to beat CG out of jealousy and just because he’s evil. The woman gets his back and saves him (representing how when CG is down and upset, he’s got his fans to pick him back up and get him going again). In the end he teleports in his ship signifying that after all the struggles he’s had to face, he’s still gonna make it

Check out the video below.