Rev Run And Tyrese Gibson Sign Copies Of Their Book 'Manology: Secrets of a Man's Mind Revealed'

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Tyrese has people worried over his recent behavior, but the singer assures everyone he is not losing his mind.

On top of some rambling rants posted on Instagram targeting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and claiming that the actor is ruining his life,

Tyrese has also done some questionable things to try and win his daughter back even as he is in the middle of a custody battle with ex-wife Norma Gibson.

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Recently, he hired a plan to fly a banner over the elementary school that his 10-year-old daughter, Shayla, attends.

But in an emotional video posted online, Tyrese broke down crying as he angrily explained that he isn’t going crazy—he’s just desperate.

Tyrese explains that he believes his ex-wife is trying to ruin him with the claims that he hurt Shayla. He believes that her claims are motivated by a spiteful drive to keep him away from their daughter.

Tyrese says that he’s practically broke from the legal fees of fighting for Shayla in court, but he says he’s not giving up.


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