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channel orange album review

channel Orange, the title of Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated Def Jam debut; in such high demand by anxious fans it was was released to itunes ahead of it’s set album release date, July 17th. With appearances from Earl Sweatshirt, best know from hip- hop group Odd Future, John Mayer, best know for his soulful music and extremely public relationships with Hollywood’s “it” girls and finally Andre 3000, one half of the hip hop super duo Outkast and for his appearances in movies such as Four Brothers and Idlewild. With such an eclectic guest list there is no way possible Ocean can disappoint, right?

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To me personally, he didn’t disappoint at all. I feel like people could of kept the anticipation to a minimum but he deserves adequate praises for his hard work. The album is definitely not full of hits but is full of captivating music somewhat resembling The Weekend’s “Thursday” or “House of Balloons.”

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My favorite song is still and will always be “Thinking About You.” The lyrics take you on a mental rollercoaster of his feelings about a particular someone which is relatable to almost everyone. His pitch and tone keep you listening but also leaves you lost in a “singing in the shower moment”. Finally, the violins(I’m guessing) in the beginning of the song pulls you in and makes you even more intrigued and excited to continue your journey through the album. That was only track 2.

Earl Sweatshirt left his mark on the song entitled “Super Rich Kids” with a high degree of lyrical ability and just because his voice and swag was appropriate for the track. Andre 3000 also made a impact on the song “Pink Matter” which may just be my second favorite on the album. He is obviously a fast talking musical genius and him lending his voice to another great talent is what makes “Pink Matter” a song I will keep on repeat. Meanwhile John Mayer gets lost in the mix because his feature was an instrumental and hardly member able. I didn’t really have a least favorite song but I am definitely not a fan of the interludes or instrumental tracks. I feel like those should have been few and far between meaning none at all. It would not have hurt the album at all if he put a few more songs on it and maybe a feature from a huge artist like Drake or Wale, which would have pretty much guaranteed him another hit. Overall, the album was great, of course there’s room for improvement but nonetheless it was simply great.

words by: @kidkaitie

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