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Paris Jackson Paris Jackson‘s father was (and still is) the King of Pop, we were never really allowed to pay much attention to her until, well…we lost her father. Seeing the bright-eyed beauty’s pain televised at Michael Jackson’s memorial service placed a spotlight on the 14-year-old’s life.

Michael had our attention captured as he dangled his son Blanket over a balcony, attempting to show the flashing cameras the baby without truly showing him. Michael had an odd obsession with keeping his children’s identities secret as he shrouded their faces with scarves and masks. He may have well just placed a “Look At Me Now” sign on their foreheads. The media ate it up and tried every chance they could to get a clear photo of Michael’s kids.

The children of the rich and famous are often at the center of either a scandal or a life riddled with the spoils of being privileged (*ahem* Willow Smith).

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There was a time when a Paris of a different famed family (the Hiltons) ruled the tabloids and we cared about her every move–from her carrying a too-tiny pooch in her purse to stopping for gas–we were hooked. It seems the new Paris on the scene is causing the same frenzy, except she’s the complete opposite from Paris Hilton.

Paris Jackson is a well-adjusted teenager that doesn’t eat her fame for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She’s the kind of kid that’s a part of Black American royalty, but doesn’t seek the limelight. She even seems, dare I say it…normal. She’s in a family filled with superstar nutcases, but keeps her composure solid, way beyond her 14 years. We think Paris Jackson’s superstar pedigree is bound to push her into inevitable fame, making her the new “It” girl. Here’s why:

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1. The Big O

When you’ve made it to the Oprah show–well, her Next Chapter, you’re a big deal. Paris appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter and chatted about everything from her wearing a mask in her younger years to being bullied in school. She was poised, articulate and engaging. Oprah basically introduced us to Paris Jackson and we loved who we met!

2. Legendary Pedigree Beef

People love to talk smack about powerful people like the Jacksons (I mean, we do it too!) and that’s exactly what Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue did on Twitter days after the anniversary of Michael’s death. Nothing says “It” girl like having grown men–or rather, legendary rockers like Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx-taking a jab at your late father, then apologizing publicly on Twitter. PS–follow Paris on Twitter @ParisJackson!

Check out Nikki Sixx’s apology below:

3. We’re Watching You

Paris’ every move is now being clocked more than ever before by the paparazzi! She’s been spotted with a “mystery boy–” who’s being labeled the 14-year-old’s boyfriend. There have been full-out stories on the teenager’s new look–bangs. Now we’re all starting to care about the most mundane parts of her life. Honestly, we should be focusing more on the juicier parts of her like, how Paris made out with those ice blue eyes, silky straight hair and that Jackson (after the surgery) nose? It’s a mystery, no?

Are you keeping your eyes on Paris Jackson? You should! She’s about to blow up. We promise.

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