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Sometimes the best advice you can get about men, can only come from a man! One who has been there and done that and isn’t afraid to give you the real inside scoop about how most men think and act when they’re really “feeling” a woman. I found just the guy that us ladies can count on to do just that! Author Kev Carr shares with us “10 Ways To Figure Out What He’s Really After”

1. Repeat Aloud: Everyone Has A Motive

Though I am making light of this, it’s true that every man you meet has a motive. When you allow yourself to embrace this reality it will help to open your mind to what the true intention behind what seems to be just dinner and a movie. Some men you come across will have motives that are self-serving and others will pursue you with all sincerity. They key for you is to realize that a motive is always present and for you to proceed from there.

2. Judge His Approach

How a man approaches you can say less about you and everything about him. The focus of his eyes and even his hands during your first interactions often give away his true desires. Take control from the outset.

3.Watch His Timelines

When you first met him seem like an eternity ago. Nowadays people not only exchange phone numbers, but Twitter and Facebook usernames too. I say embrace it as a way to further get to know who a man really is. If he tells you one thing, but is consistently flirting and tweeting sexual innuendos to women connected to his social networks, well…

For the rest of  “10 Ways To Figure Out What He’s Really After” click the link below. You can also stay connected with Author Kev Carr on twitter @Kev_Carr  and me as well @Darcel215


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