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Alas, it’s finally time for another season of “Single Ladies”! Picking up where we left from last season, Keisha and April introduce us to their long time friend, Raquel, who’s absolutely beautiful and getting ready to marry the man of her dreams or at least the man of her parent’s dreams. The ladies are at Raquel and her fiancee’s engagement party, and when Raquel’s fiancee goes off for a quick “bathroom break”, she catches him cheating on her with another woman! Raquel announces his infidelity to the entire party, and the girls storm out the party together. Now, a single Raquel has time to find herself. She has an amazing job and she’s just realizing that she lost herself in her relationship with her fiancee. Now that she’s single, she has time to figure out who Raquel truly is.

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Ironically enough, Val’s ex, Jerry, was at Raquel’s party, and April and Keisha do their best to try and put in a good word for their good friend. Val is in Milan at the moment because she needed some time away from Atlanta after her devastating marriage proposal went wrong when Jerry caught her sleeping with her ex-boyfriend.

Once Keshia and April realize that Jerry wants nothing to do with Val, they leave him alone and let him go his way. Hey, at least they tried.

Back at Val’s boutique, April and Keshia get an email from Val saying that she’s never coming back to Atlanta and is staying in Milan forever. (Good way to write her out of the script) The girls have a mini funeral for their fallen single lady, and pour out a little champagne on her behalf. Raquel is there for the “funeral” and takes a little sip of the champagne before announcing that she’s quit her job in an effort to truly find herself. Welcome to the world of Single Ladies, Raquel.

Meanwhile, Keshia is still distraught over her man, Malcolm and his little disappearing act. She hasn’t heard or seen him in two weeks, and the FBI has been hunting her down asking her about his whereabouts. When she received a surprise gift with a cell phone inside, she realizes it’s from Malcolm, who’s asked her to meet him for dinner so he can explain everything to her. Malcolm offers her an apology and explains that the FBI isn’t looking for him, but instead they’re looking for the Mayor that April messed around with last season. Apparently, the Mayor has been doing some shady business for years, and Malcolm was paying bribes and using his ex-wife Ashley as the messenger. They were recently caught, and Ashley left the country but not Malcolm is left to try and clear his name. Whew!

After a steamy make up session, Keshia and Raquel go to April’s party to support her on her new business ventures. Right when the party starts heating up, the FBI shows up and arrests Keshia to take her into custody. She’s being forced to tell the FBI where Malcolm is, and is she agrees, all of her own legal problems will be erased. So now, she’s faced with telling on the love of her life or risking battling a legal issue for the rest of her life. Which would you choose?

Ironically enough, Keshia’s lawyer happens to be her ex, who isn’t too found of Malcolm dating his ex girl in the first place, but promises that he’ll get Keshia out of this mess. I sense these two hooking up in the very near future.

Keshia arrives with her lawyer to the FBI and surprisingly enough, Malcolm and his lawyer arrive on the scene as well. Malcolm is a little taken aback to see Keshia with her lawyer, but she assures him that he’s just that, her lawyer, and Malcolm goes inside with the FBI for questioning.

Over on the other side of Atlanta, Raquel takes a drive with her ex-fiancee to talk about possibly getting back together. Raquel tells him that she wants a passionate kind of love, and not the love that he was giving her. “I can’t ever go back” she tells him as she gets out of the car. Keshia and April are there just in time to pick Raquel up off the street, and together the three of them go to take on Atlanta.

Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble these three will get in over the season!

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