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DJ Caesar just posted this teaser from Jay-Z “Made In America”. Check it out here

While it’s a pretty thought to think that Jay-Z would come to Philly to “make up” with Beanie Segal, that thought never sat well with me. Now I am hearing that the trailer DJ Caesar posted is a teaser to a concert that is coming to Philly Labor Day Weekend and that Jay-Z will perform on the Parkway Labor Day weekend. THIS is more believeable to me

Also heard, that Jay-Z was coming to announce that he would perform in the Wawa Welcome America on the Parkway 4th of July Weekend…I can also buy this theory too. However I am going with the concert Labor Day Weekend. Jay-Z is at a point in his career where he shares the stage with whom he wants to WHEN he wants to. Wawa Welcome America would be too short of a performance set. Whatever it is, the Parkway holds significance. Can’t wait to find out which theory is right……stay tuned. Press Conference is at 10:30am