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Honeygrow’s establishment has expanded vastly throughout the country opening 20 stores from Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C. over five years. Based in Fishtown, the stir-fry and salad restaurant chain is introducing a second concept this month.

Minigrow has a more streamlined menu including 36 ingredients for kitchen workers versus 89 ingredients at their main-based restaurant, Honeygrow. For their new venture, it’ll allow the company to be more flexible when choosing locations.

“One day a while ago, David [Katz, the culinary director] and I were at the Cherry Hill Whole Foods and we were thinking, ‘How can we get into locations that didn’t need hoods? Is there a way?” said founder Justin Rosenberg last week.

Their menu is mainly customized but, they have one dish that is so Philly – The Chicken Jawn.

Minigrow locations could require a space as small as 1,800 square feet.

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