Lauryn Hill and Nas added a great twist to their PowerNomics tour that’ll help the black community!

The PowerNomics stems from Dr.Claud Anderson’s book, which is about economic enfranchisement for the African-American community. Nas and Lauryn Hill will be donating the proceeds of the show to 44 charities including The Harvest Institute, Yes We Code, Equal Justice Initiative, and the International Peace Initiative.

Nas and Lauryn Hill added Epic artist Nick Grant and comedian Dave Chapelle to the line-up as well, which is a good move for the tour.

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Nas stated that “PowerNomics tour is our way of being a part of the solution. We are here to lend a hand where it is needed and hopefully to inspire. I’m a part of a mission to help build a more diverse tech industry and to encourage my people to see beyond what they believe is in their reach.”

Good move for them. The two will be hitting Camden, New Jersey next Thursday on Nas’s birthday.

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