Here Is Why You Should NEVER Miss A Lady B Basement Party!

Moments with Lady B

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Wow, once again shoutout Lady B for another unforgettable moment August 20th, 2017 was at The Dell for the annual Basement Party! Just like years past, this was another incredible gathering of hip-hop, r&b, and just overall great vibes for the 36th annual SOLD OUT concert.

From early afternoon with hundreds of people outside tailgaiting, until the very end of the show with Doug E Fresh‘s incredible performance, here are the many reasons why you SHOULD NEVER miss a Basement Party!

Moments with Lady B

Lady B Receives The ‘Citation Of Honor’ from the City AND the State!

Moments with Lady B

The Various LEGENDS That Hit The Stage, from Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, Sugar Hill Gang, Furious Five, Schooly D, Das EFX, Michel’le, and Silk!

The LISTENERS are the ones that make this happen, and once again we thank you for your continued support! Fans, friends, and family of all ages enjoyed hours of fun from start to finish!

The LOVE for Lady B from the performers, and the listeners, is something so real, and we can’t WAIT for next years Basement Party! If you we’re at the event, use the #BasementParty36 so we can share on our social media pages!

Moments with Lady B


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36 Memorable Moments With Lady B At the #BasementParty36!
Moments with Lady B
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