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‘Day N Night’ rapper Cudi is said to have “taken advantage” of Cassie when she was in a vulnerable state, despite her being in a longterm relationship with hip-hop mogul Diddy. A source has told Bossip that Cassie and Cudi hooked up just two months ago, and the rapper is said to be “living in fear” that Diddy will seek revenge for the betrayal.

However, Cudi apparently has nothing to be afraid of because the insider claims that while Diddy was upset initially, the affair has actually brought them closer together.

“They 100% had sex,” the source told the website. “And thats where the lines “Ni**az really want me dead, HATE Not my fault Im intriguing’ are from. Diddy wanting him dead when he found out.”

Fuel to the allegations of the fling were fuelled last week when subliminal messages appeared on Cudi’s Twitter page. “Do you guys want to know whos girl found me intriguing,” one message read.

“Why hide behind words,” the other tweet said.

However, Cudi claims his Twitter account was hacked and he didn’t write the messages.

Do you believe Cassie would cheat on Diddy? Would Cudi be that foolish to mess with Diddy’s chick?


Cassie Cheats On P. Diddy With Kid Cudi?  was originally published on zhiphopcleveland.com