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We’ve all seen the infamous and game-ending elbow Metta World Peace laid on Oklahoma City’s 6th man James Harden.   It came following a very good play Metta made overpowering OKC’s star player Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka.   My question is, was it really intentional.    Personally, looking back on it now I don’t believe it was.   I know firsthand the emotion that comes with basketball, OKC and the Lakers are the two top teams in the NBA’s Western Conference and the entire game was intense.  In that moment, I don’t believe World Peace knew Harden was even there, let alone that he acutally elbowed him.

Recent audio was posted to ESPN with him saying, “I didn’t realize….I didn’t even think that I hit him…. I didn’t even know why Ibaka came towards me. ”   His first reaction after seeing the video was “My goodness…”  The NBA has responded to this incident with a 7 game suspension.  With that being said, do you think the elbow was intentional?

Metta World Peace Discussing The Elbow