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Imagine spending a weekend in space, floating around the earth in an outer space suite, defying everything about gravity. Well look no further because the first space hotel is set to launch at the end of the year. The world’s first space hotel goes by the name of Galactic Suite.” Once the hotel opens, travelers will have to dish out a whopping $4 million for a three-day stay. Developers say that this will be the most expensive hotel in the galaxy and cheaper flights will be in the near future. But what can we expect from a weekend in outer space?

Guests will be treated to as many as 15 sunrises within the course of a day. They will also have Velcro suits which will allow them to crawl around the hotel without floating away due to zero gravity. The hotel will also be equipped with a spa like shower with floating water bubbles.

Only about 40,000 people in the world can afford the $4 million price tag, which is a bummer for the regular space enthusiast who might wanna partake in space travel.

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